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Ceremony Video: 2 hour coverage $ 395
One digital camera
Pre-wedding(1 hour) and ceremony (1 hour)

Bronze Video: 4 hour coverage $ 895
Pre-wedding 1 hour, ceremony & reception 3 hours
1 camera at church, 1 at reception
100 picture "growing-up" montage, shown at reception only

Silver Video: 7 hour coverage $1,295
Pre-wedding 2 hours, ceremony & reception 5 hours
2 camera's at church, 1 at reception
150 picture "growing-up" montage, shown at reception only
50 honeymoon pictures added to video

Gold Video: 9 hour coverage $1,695
Rehearsal & rehearsal dinner, 2 hours
Pre-wedding 2 hours, ceremony & reception 6 hours
2 camera's at church, 1 at reception
150 picture "growing-up" montage, shown at rehearsal & reception
50 honeymoon pictures added to video

Platinum Video: 12 hour coverage $2,395
2 camera's at church, 2 at reception
200 picture "growing-up" montage, shown at rehearsal & reception
100 honeymoon pictures added to video
Highlight included

Platinum Plus Video: Unlimited coverage $2,895
Additional reception time - $125/hr (Bronze), $95/hr (Silver thru Platinum)
Second camera at reception (bronze) $295
Additional dvd copies, each $11
Blueray Dvd's $24.95
Condensed video-bronze $195
Condensed video-silver-platinum $395
Highlight video $695
HD monitor to view montage $55
Rehearsal & rehearsal dinner $75/hr
Post editing $25/hr
Sales tax added to all prices
Prices effective January 1, 2014

The Hi Lite video is a condensed version of the whole day.
It features the details such as the flowers, decorations, vows, toasts, cake cutting, first dance, etc. It incorporates special effects and plays to music and some live audio. It is the most popular piece of our package and it is fun to share with family and friends.
Deposit to hold wedding date and video agreement $ 250
$500 due by wedding date
Basic package includes:

Recording of event using one digital video camera
150 photo montage set to your favorite Cd music
Complete editing
Mikes for interviews, if requested

4 hour coverage, base package $545
Each addition hour $95
Highlight video $300
The highlight video uses an extra digital camera at pre-ceremony and reception to capture those special moments of your one in a lifetime event. This is a condensed production of about 20 to 30 minutes, set to music, ready to show to family and friends.

Additional digital camera at ceremony with editing $275
DVD’s each $ 11
Out of town mileage, per mile (no hourly fee) $ .90
Growing-up photo montage only $34.95 et up fee, $0.75 per picture

Deposit to hold date $250
Due by event date $500
Set up fee $34.95
Each song added $7.95
Each picture added $0.75
Text added per word $0.25
Repeat dub with new music $9.95
Custom editing per hour $25.00
Custom dvd & case $11.00
UPS return shipping $15.00

Pictures are sent to Perfect Partners with a pdf file, however the best way, is to send original pictures, any size or shape, allowing Perfect Partners to crop, center, enhance, and make any size picture the full size of your monitor.
Music is furnished to Perfect Partners by
a burned cd or original cd’s which is the best form of recording audio levels.
Print out any text to be used on the montage.

Set up fee $64.95
Each song added $12.95
Each picture added $0.75
Text added per word $0.25
Repeat dub with new music $9.95
Custom editing per hour $45.00
Custom dvd & case $11.00
UPS return shipping $30.00

Visitation, Church, Funeral Home,
Grave Site, Home.

All equipment furnished
$55.00 hour

Videotaping on location
$75.00 hour

Tribute & Memorials Description

I have found that more and more people seem to have a hard time with the passing of a loved one. I am not saying that years ago it was easier with the passing of a friend or family member, but with the growing life spans, it is easier to have met more people and have had more friends which effect that special person.
Years ago, I went to a funeral out of town, and when I went to the viewing, I saw a small tvelevision showing favorite pictures of the person passed. I watched it numerous times because it caught my attention and gave me the idea of creating a tribute or memorial video. It was about 30 pictures with no transitions or music. Still it seemed to be a nice thing to view.

After many different ways of creating, adding, subtracting pictures, inserting nature video clips, transitions and text of bible verses, I came up with a Tribute video.
Next came the hardest thing possible to do. How do you share your idea with others?

I have done numerous tributes over the years, but unfortunately I do not feel comfortable showing them on this site.
Having the greatest mom in the world like I did, she said before she died that I should do a tribute video of her life and show it to my clients. When the day came of the passing of my mom, I went to my dad and asked for the most memorable pictures of his bride, my personal favorites, and our children’s favorites of their Grammy.
Sat down with my wife, Mary Kay, and came up with the tribute to my mom. It was one of my worst and longest days of my life.
That was almost six years ago, and I have not, nor will I ever change one single clip, of the tribute video I did for my mom.

Scroll down to see an example video.

Clients choose their own pictures, music, script etc. and have me create a memorial for them. This sometimes takes multiple changes, so the final product is as personal and unique as possible.
Others request the filming of the entire funeral service. Visitation on the first day, funeral service at church, and grave site. Flowers seem to add a calming effect to the video.

Some of the reasons for this package are:
Unable to attend (Out of town)
Pressure to great to attend.
Family member in hospital.
Keepsake reasons.
In most cases, the video will be watched on the one year anniversary.

Tributes and Memorials can be completed within 48 hours for viewing at services.

Pictures can be overnighted to me via
Fed-X for all my Perfect Partner clients, anywhere in the United States.
With the passing of years, your old vhs tapes will start to deteriorate, causing poor quality and breakage of tape. Over the years the amount of working vhs players will dwindle, making your keepsakes harder and harder to view. Perfect Partners can transfer vhs tapes to dvd , while editing out all glitches, blank spaces, blurs, and unwanted spots.
We can add pictures to your tapes (Photo Montages), set to your favorite music, and change memories into a quality dvd to share with family and friends.
Other formats such as Hi 8, super vhs, mini dv, can also be preserved.

Input old data to computer $15.00 hour
Editing $25.00 hour
Burning dvd $15.00 hour
Post editing $45.00 hour
Completed dvd & case $11.00
This is a fun way to share your story of love with friends and family.
The story might start on location where you first met your fiancé.
What did you notice first about your fiance?
How long did you date?
We go on location to your favorite places.
How would you describe your mate to others?
How has your fiance changed your life?
We can take a road trip to where you got engaged.
Tell the love story.
Thoughts about him from her, and from her to him.
Story about when you met your future in-laws.
What does the future hold?
You can add messages to your friends, family and guests, and a thank you message to mom and dad.
Each change of location is a change of clothes.
Dress up, or go casual.

Love Stories go great when coupled with your Photo Montage, and shown at Wedding Reception.
If you ask me the one thing brides overlook when it comes to the video production of their wedding, it would have to be the rehearsal and dinner.
Videography done properly, needs to be rehearsed so I know what is going to happen before it happens. If the groom walks through a door at the church and I swing the camera around to catch him walking through, it’s to late. Properly, the camera is shooting the door and the groom comes through the door.
All video camera movements need to happen, before the action takes place. This is the difference between a professionally shot video and a video shot by a friend.

You are not going to watch a one hour rehearsal, but a short 5 to 7 minute high-lite.
At rehearsal dinner we tape the Blessing of the meal, and then the camera goes off until the meal is completed.
The photo montage made for you, will be shown as a form of entertainment after the meal.
Next we film the gift giving to the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and then the stories begin and the laughter goes on and on.


Perfect Partners is a video business that specializes in wedding video productions and tribute videos located in Victoria, Texas. We began filming in 1985 and to this day we have 600 weddings and counting under our belts.


We are located in Victoria, Texas. If you would like to contact us please click the button below or give us a call at 361-576-6561


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